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Ha Long Bay, Drunken Beauty of the time you have. Sohu – tourism cruises sitting here, arrived at the Ha Long Bay, known as the "sea of Guilin", the best way to travel is to travel by boat, the boat wandering in the sunny weather, as if in the middle picture. Vietnam · Ha Long Bay travel, photography micro-blog @ Wu Qiuhuang Ha Long Bay is located in the western part of the northern Gulf, is a bay in northern Guangning Province, beautiful scenery. Scenic area is divided into East, West, south 3 creek. Because of its scenery similar to the Guilin Scenery of China. The difference is that there is no Guilin and the Lijiang River, Ha Long Bay is a sea landscape. Ha Long Bay Guilin is magnificent magnificent, exquisite exquisite. Fellow guys, such a landscape, someone to share with you is the most beautiful time. Chinese people travel to Vietnam, generally go to Ha Long Bay, Ha Long Bay has thus won a "sea of Guilin" title. Ha Long Bay and Guilin do have something in common, for example: they are all limestone erosion by water and the Karst landform. Knew in Vietnam have been included in the world natural heritage list Landscape — Ha Long Bay, but now Longwan appeared in front of me, I was deeply shocked: the endless blue sea spreading from the sea stands a stone that is in different poses and with different expressions of peak, peak, can also be seen as the island there are trees, shrubs, with lingering. Vietnam Ha Long Bay in fall, still remain in the sunny summer in Ha Long Bay cruise pictures but the most beautiful. The temple cave, a trip to Ha Long Bay, not to be missed attractions, unique Karst cave landscape, all sorts of strange things stalactites. This cave in many, but the temple cave than many places, not too much light modification, but more is shocking! The hole in the wood Island, consists of three hole. There are millions of years after the formation of colorful and diverse nature, the giant stone milk, and especially the dragon image and highly w.ing legend of the cultural connotation. From ancient folklore. It is characterized by an ancient and quiet beauty. The hole outside a large basin, which looks like a painting and architecture art has a combination of brilliant dance field. The middle and inner hole are colorful, huge majestic, beautiful stone stone milk. In the light of the light, the stone milk suddenly shone with a diamond luster. I think I am old, there is a slow-witted old urchin.相关的主题文章:

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[map] Fujian Benz Vito listed from the sale of 299 thousand Sohu automobile Sohu 2016 Chengdu auto show car [] is being held in the Chengdu auto show in 2016, Fujian Benz Vito officially listed, the new car is equipped with 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine, the price of 29.90-33.90 million. Appearance: new Vito style and overseas low version V level remained the same, grille with large size Logo and black plastic grille combination, headlight group also canceled the LED lamp and headlight lens design, overall fine effect decreased. New domestic Vito body size length and breadth of 5× 1928× 1880mm, with a luggage rack version of the height is 1920mm, wheelbase 3mm. We can also be understood as the long axis of the low version of the Mercedes Benz V class, which is mainly facing the general commercial market. High and low two levels of positioning, intended to meet the needs of more segments of the market car. The rear side of the car, still using the typical MPV founder style, taillights relatively simple shape. The rear sides were labeled "Fujian Benz" "and" "VITO" "logo, in order to reflect the different level with the Mercedes Benz V. Interior: new Vito and Benz V level with a larger difference. One of the console canceled the independent LCD screen and the new COMAND system, replaced by a large LCD screen and cup holder. The new car is made of black hard plastic in the console, a sense of luxury has declined, highlighting the practicality. Power: the new Vito equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged gasoline engine, maximum output horsepower. Transmission, matching 6 block manual gearbox and 7 speed manual gearbox. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章:

Philippine media Philippine President will set the banned fishing areas is shelving disputes – Sohu rosstallanma

Philippine media: Philippine President will set the banned fishing areas is shelving disputes – Sohu news Xi Jinping and Duthel Te during the APEC summit meeting according to Philippines media reported in November 21st on the island of Huangyan, Philippines’s president Duthel Te announced plans for the conservation area of Huangyan Island lagoon, Philippines banned fishermen into fishing, in order to make the Huangyan Island sustainable fish breeding. Some observers believe that the move can also be seen as the two countries temporarily shelved the Huangyan dispute. Duthel Te is currently attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC summit in Peru, 19, held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the Philippine ABS-CBN news network news, Walter and Xi Jinping mentioned the Huangyan dispute in bilateral talks. Duthel Te said, to announce Huangyan Island lagoon for marine conservation area, Xi Jinping expressed support, and China is willing to provide assistance. But reports that currently not clear "assistance" means on behalf of China will have the same announcement, because the media has previously said Chinese still guarded by maritime police vessel in Huangyan Island lagoon, Philippines banned the fishermen to go fishing, the Philippine fishermen and some groups were slightly words. Reported that, once the plan began to implement the conservation area, Philippines fishermen will not be able to enter the Huangyan Island lagoon fishing; if Beijing also announced the same measures, so Chinese fishermen will be restricted. Philippines’s national security adviser Ace Piroon (Hermogenes Esperon Jr) Said that the Huangyan Island lagoon fish breeding, announced the lagoon for conservation area, help Huangyan island waters fishing group sustainable development. In addition, the report also quoted the Philippines trade and Industry Minister Lopez (Ramon Lopez) remarks that Philippines and China agreed to jointly patrol the waters of the island of Huangyan. Allegedly, the presidential palace in Philippines will be in next week’s cabinet meeting, the drafting of the establishment of the Huangyan Island lagoon conservation district administrative command. Observers analysis, Manila and Beijing in the name of "environmental protection", while prohibiting both fishermen into the Huangyan Island lagoon, which helps fish sustainable breeding, can also provide both a temporary solution to the next step, the fishing dispute, is the practice of shooting two birds with one stone. In addition, according to the Manila communique in November 21st, said the meeting in 19, Xi Jinping accepted the invitation of Duthel Te, will be scheduled to visit Philippines. In October this year, Duthel Te’s visit to China, China and Huangyan relations have been improved, China allowed Philippines fishermen fishing in the waters of the island. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in response to the matter, the Chinese side has been exercising the normal jurisdiction of Huangyan, the situation has not changed. In the context of President Duthel Te’s visit to China and the overall improvement of Sino Philippine relations, in accordance with the issues of concern to President Duthel Te, the Chinese side to make appropriate arrangements based on the friendship between China and the philippines. The Chinese Ministry of agriculture has also pledged to provide assistance and training to local fishermen in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, fishing cages and other fisheries. Earlier, the Philippine media said, Philippines two patrol boats arrived in Huangyan waters in November 5th began to patrol. This is the first time since the 2012 China to achieve effective control of the island of Huangyan, the first time the Philippines patrol ship.相关的主题文章:

The seventeenth typhoon this year, catfish and tend to generate new network – in the coastal areas o 魔界骑士イングリッド

This year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" generation and trend of the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian – Beijing Beijing in Guangzhou in September 23 (Xinhua Zhao Shen Yue shuixuan) according to the Guangdong provincial headquarters 23 news, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" (tropical storm level) on the morning of 23 8 in the Northwest Pacific Ocean is expected to generate. To the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian 28 days before the rain, caused by the impact on Guangdong. According to monitoring, 23 on the morning of 8, typhoon "catfish" (tropical storm level) generated in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, its center is located about 2600 kilometers east of Shantou city south of the ocean, near the center of the largest wind 8 (18 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 99 thousand and 800 kpa. Expected, "catfish" up to the strongest typhoon or super typhoon level (45-55 meters, 14-16), and will be about 20 kilometers per hour to the north west direction, 27 days ago after landing or grazed in central and southern Taiwan, to the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian 28 days ago. The "catfish" influence, 26 to 29, the Bashi Channel, the northern South China Sea will appear waves to the process of more than 6 meters, there is a storm surge along the coast of Southern China. 28 to 29, the eastern part of the city of Guangdong rainstorm local heavy rain, the rest of the city and county have heavy rain to rainstorm process. Experts, "catfish" belong to the autumn typhoon, with fast transfer speed and high intensity, the uncertainty of some path. At present, the development and change of Guangdong provincial flood control headquarters has asked all regions and relevant departments to closely monitor the typhoon, strengthen the duty on duty, timely organization level consultation analysis, released early warning, timely start emergency response according to the plan, strengthen the affected islands and coastal tourism wind safety supervision, timely organization of fishing vessels at sea to return to Hong Kong hedge, personnel ashore and passing ships to avoid dangerous waters. (end)相关的主题文章:

Korean media park or next reform of personnel to quell the cronies intervention – Sohu news storm remonstrate

Korean media: park or next reform of personnel to quell the cronies intervention – Sohu storm news Beijing in October 27, according to Yonhap reported that South Korean presidential Chong Wa Dae official said, Pu Jinhui is considered how to calm the politics behind the cronies dispute, the personnel adjustment is quick, is expected next week to finalize the specific. According to reports, South Korea’s ruling New World Party formally requested a comprehensive adjustment of personnel, Pu Jinhui has called the party "is considered", which is interpreted as the basic request of the personnel adjustment of Park Geun hye agreed reported that the president is expected, will replace 4 to 5 staff involved in Cui Shunshi storm or drag his cronies. As the director of the Secretariat of the office of President Li Yuanzhong and Chief Secretary in charge of civil affairs Bingyu yu. Recently, Pu Jinhui, Cui Shunshi cronies involved in corruption and backroom politics doubts continued to ferment in South korea. South Korea’s JTBC television reported that Cui Shunshi unauthorized review of the president’s speech. In this regard, park Geun hye 25 to apologize to the people. According to data released by the pollster Realmeter, Pu Jinhui’s approval rating fell to 26 in 17.5%.相关的主题文章: